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About Banking to Baking

Elena McGahey founded Banking to Baking in Winter 2019 as a resource for current college students and recent grads. Her hope is that this blog will help college students feel less anxious about finding internships and jobs, and that it will also make recent grads feel empowered to seek fulfilling careers PLUS balanced lifestyles, and that it will help everyone have a little more fun!


Elena Marron McGahey - Founder


Elena is a San Francisco native and 2017 Columbia grad who’s passionate about a lot of things, but primarily community building and taking care of others. Aside from working on this blog, she’s currently working as an SAT tutor in San Francisco, which is a relatively new venture for her - for the first year-and-a-half after graduation, she did something very different: investment banking. She decided to quit when she felt she wasn’t furthering her goals or doing something aligned with her values. She then spent 7 months pursuing her years-long dream of working in bakery, which she left only recently for the tutoring gig. This allows her to work on this blog, to bake more for family and friends, and to start working toward her goal of attending a Psychology grad program, so that she can make a career out of caring for others.

Aside from her interests mentioned above, Elena is also a big fan of exercise (she was a four-year member and Captain of the Columbia Women’s Rowing Team), education, animals, and baking. To boot, she’s a Burner, a veteran of the AIDS/LifeCycle ride, an amateur ceramicist, and a dedicated reader of the New Yorker magazine. Oh yeah, and she really likes surfing, reading, coffee, home decor, and hiking... In short, she has a lot of passions and is enthusiastic about sharing them. Having so many interests doesn’t leave a lot of room for things to dislike; the only things she really h8’s are bananas, driving on the freeway, and being woken up from naps.


Robin Jenna McGahey - Head of Creative Content


Robin is a 2018 University of Washington grad who lives in San Francisco, CA with her Golden Retriever, Mac. She’s a serial consultant who’s equally passionate about helping others, and is currently working both as the Head of Creative Content for Banking to Baking, a blog for current college students and recent college grads that aims to change the thinking around jobs and internships, and as the Head of Social Media for Reef Life Foundation, a 503-c non-profit whose goal is to deploy “smart substrates” on reefs worldwide and to use these technologies to protect and recover global coral reef populations.

Like her older sister, Robin is a woman with many passions. She loves ocean conservancy, dogs, coffee, surfing, CorePower yoga, and cooking. Also, baking sometimes, reading, and puzzles. And then let’s not forget about scuba diving, FaceTiming with friends, travel, documentary filmmaking. :)


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